1am starts

Cheap plane tickets mean arriving at the airport at 5 o’clock in the morning. Add onto that the fact we’re an hour national express journey away from the airport. AND it takes us over an hour to get to that bus stop because we’re in London and we have to use night buses because we leave so early – nightmare! At least we get a whole day in our first destination.

There’s something magical about travelling at night, especially with the added anticipation of a flight at the end of the trekk across the city. With the streets lit by lamplight and no one around you feel like a proper explorer, even on your own doorstep – it’s strange how different things look without the aid of sunlight.

The only problem with this travelling stuff is that my friend I’m exploring with gets stressed we’re going to miss connections etc so we have to be really early for everything! – this could be interesting!

Well this is possibly my last blog from England! Have a great time without me 😀

Lauren x

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