As I travel from city to city one thing stays the same; the displays of wealth. On some occassions I am overwhelmed by the impressiveness of the collection, such as the dinning set below (which was one of many), but I am left wondering who needs so many knives and forks! I do have issues […]


Going to travel agents to get Euros is a sign that an adventure is just around the corner. But it also means you have to find pounds to exchange in the first place. Today I completed this task, as well as transferring money from my savings into my current account to pay for summer rent, so a […]

Sibling rivalry

As my brother is packed off to a UCAS event with £5 to pay for the train I wonder if I was given the same. Now I know I wasn’t but that was only because I didn’t go to the same event two years ago because I wasn’t in the country but that doesn’t mean I […]