His own adventure

I have always felt protective of my brother. Not in a controlling way, but I worry if he’s enjoying life and being included. I suppose to a certain extent he feels the same about me and we’ve always been in each other’s corner when needed. My protectiveness made it hard to say goodbye to him today.

Two years ago I set off on my own adventure and was left in the sixth form centre by my parents just as my brother was today. While I was a little nervous I couldn’t imagine how the rest of my family felt and it was weird seeing the other side of things earlier.

I know he will have a fantastic time and whilst it was hard for me at the beginning to hand over the attention to my little brother I know this experience is going to be amazing and one he will never forget. One thing’s for sure, I am VERY jealous and it’s one of the reasons I’m setting off on my own adventure; I couldn’t just sit at home while he went off and explored!

So when you’re out and about on your own adventure spare a thought for those you’ve left behind – they might be having a hard time watching you go.

Lauren x

One thought on “His own adventure

  1. That’s really sweet Lauren – it’s always hard for a parent to wave bye, but we know your always going to have a great time. Your brother will love it. xx


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