Before the Internet

Just as a side blog, what on Earth did people do before the Internet?! Our wifi hasn’t been installed in our new home so I’m having to write my blogs, catch up on emails and watch BBC iPlayer in the university library! I’ve read books, cross-stitched, watched many-a film and even been on walks and […]

Diary keeping

I’ve never been the kind of person who keeps a diary; my life didn’t seem interesting enough and stories of school weren’t the kind of thing I wanted to leave myself to read ten years in the future. However, when I visited Peru in 2012 I realised the memories I made there were too important […]

Doorstep treaures

Everyone spends the year planning and looking forward to their ‘summer’ holiday but every year they spend the last couple of days on the said holiday them forward to sleeping in their own bed. So why do we repeat this ritual every year? Everyone needs a break from work, and with paid holidays why wouldn’t […]