It’s been way too long!

I haven’t blogged for a very long time. My second year at university quickly took over my time and one thing led to another and before I realised it the Christmas break had arrived. Skip over two essays, a script, shopping and fabulous company and we get to today and still I haven’t written a new post. So as I sit in my living room this morning, just one sleep away from travelling 2 and a half hours up the motorway back to my home at uni, I am going to reflect on what a wonderful, if slightly chaotic, first term of second year I have had and update all those who know me that I now think I’m starting to get the most out of my tuition fees!

My uni work has seen me devising and performing a performance and workshop about WWII for 6 year olds, and let me tell you that this is no easy task! Coupled with being sensitive of the subject and stereotypes that can surround it you have to take into consideration the concentration span of children that young, but I enjoyed every single minute of it! And I have now decided I want to teach Primary Education when I’m older, which means my tutors are a lot happier with my job prospects; huge plus! However, as I’m graduating next year (so scary!!) so I’m glad the penny has final dropped for me!


Me as a WWII child



I’ve also got a work placement with a theatre for the summer which I’m very excited about and I’m waiting on confirmation of a weekly placement at a school which could be a wonderful opportunity for me!

I actually auditioned this term and actually got a part! (For those of you who don’t know, I study Theatre and Performance at university). Although it meant VERY long hours and very little free time, I joined the cast of a new Pantomime as a principal dancer and, no laughs please, a tree! Despite the stigma attached to playing a tree I think I did a great job and made a fabulous part of the forest! As well as the festive treat I started rehearsals for a much darker play that will be performed in February, so watch this space for me moaning about how hard a southern USA accent is for a Brummie girl like me to master!

Aside from work I’ve had a great time this term doing things away from uni! I’ve been to two concerts, seen my first basketball match (and loved it!), been to two professional performances, continued my search for the best burger with my other half and got a job. Who said you can’t do well in your studies and have an active social life?







Although I had a brilliant term, when the final week came I could not wait to go home! And even though I had a LOT of reading to do in order to complete my essays I still got a lot done. I made part of my mum’s Christmas present, made a chocolate sleigh, did my usual Christmas bake and even fit in a trip to Sheffield and the Yorkshire sculpture park all before Christmas Day came and with less than £30!


A very cool sculpture


Santa’s sleigh 😀


So as the time has come to pack up all of my things I look forward to 2015 and what it might bring, who knows what can happen, and isn’t that the joy of life?!

Lauren x

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