As a student on a small budget I will take anything that is advertised as free, whether it be 50% extra free in a bottle of ketchup, a voucher for a free bag or just out-right free food being handed out on the street. This means freshers’ week is like heaven to me and working as freshers’ staff in the university union for the past two weeks has put me in prime position to receive said freebies.

The many free slices of domino’s pizza aside I have been given:

  • two free cloth bags (perfect for carrying shopping and books)
  • a cinema ticket
  • three Yorkshire puddings
  • a balloon
  • two cans of ginger beer
  • two chocolate bars
  • a t-shirt
  • sooo many pens (I could open up a WHSmiths branch)
  • loads of vouchers – including 30% total bill at Handmade Burger Co, £5 off at Joy, £2 off at Greggs and tonnes of Domino’s deals

all free of charge! And that was just stuff I was given whilst working; I also got a free bottle of coke, a couple of shots of whisky, a BBQ and two free glasses when I took a trip to our local corner shop!




Who said being a uni student was so bad?! All you need to do is accept anything of value to you, especially when it’s being given for free! Though some of the freebies have left me wondering just what use they are to me – £15 off when I spend £75 in Urban Outfitters!! That still means I’ve got to spend £60 – get real! I certainly do enjoy the cheaper things in life!

Lauren x

2 thoughts on “Freebies

  1. Hhahaha yesss, I still love freebies, even though uni ended 2 years ago. Especially FOOD freebies…any time someone gives me a free donut, cupcake, tiny STabucks sample shotglass full of latte whatever, I am so grateful! Its like CHRISTMAS


  2. I am queen of the Freebies – when I see you next I will show you a fab website for the blagging of a freebie. I once did almost all my Christmas shopping for free (apart from my kids stuff). xxxx


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