Diary keeping

I’ve never been the kind of person who keeps a diary; my life didn’t seem interesting enough and stories of school weren’t the kind of thing I wanted to leave myself to read ten years in the future. However, when I visited Peru in 2012 I realised the memories I made there were too important […]

Doorstep treaures

Everyone spends the year planning and looking forward to their ‘summer’ holiday but every year they spend the last couple of days on the said holiday them forward to sleeping in their own bed. So why do we repeat this ritual every year? Everyone needs a break from work, and with paid holidays why wouldn’t […]

The little things in life

Whilst travelling you come to realise just how valuable a kitchen is and you begin to think you’ll never leave yours when you return home. When cooking meals in your own kitchen you only see the preperation time and washing up but this compared to the price of meals out whilst travelling is nothing! We […]


As I travel from city to city one thing stays the same; the displays of wealth. On some occassions I am overwhelmed by the impressiveness of the collection, such as the dinning set below (which was one of many), but I am left wondering who needs so many knives and forks! I do have issues […]

Safe as houses

Whilst walking up the most beautiful cathedral in Berlin (Berliner Dom) yesterday to get to the top of the dome my friend and I realised just how far up we were walking and began to question how safe it was. My reply? It’s fine, churches are built to last – just look at St Pauls, […]

A very long day

Having been awake at 7am monday morning to do my final sorting before travelling to London, followed by a series of different transport methods which took us to to the continent and a full day in Amsterdam finished by the (awful on Brazil’s part) football game we were up for almost 48 hours, bar a […]

His own adventure

I have always felt protective of my brother. Not in a controlling way, but I worry if he’s enjoying life and being included. I suppose to a certain extent he feels the same about me and we’ve always been in each other’s corner when needed. My protectiveness made it hard to say goodbye to him […]


Going to¬†travel agents to get¬†Euros is a sign that an adventure is just around the corner. But it also means you have to find pounds to exchange in the first place. Today I completed this task, as well as transferring money from my savings into my current account to pay for summer rent, so a […]