Sunday roast


“People who love to eat are always the best people”
– Julia Child

It is tradition in our household to sit down to a Sunday roast every week. It varies in time and type to fit around the commitments’ of all family members but it still happens nonetheless. Being a busy family who do loads during the week we rarely sit down for a meal together where the TV isn’t involved so Sunday lunch is away for my mum to catch up on all that has happened during the week.

Growing up I thought Sunday roasts were a universal thing, something everyone did, and it wasn’t until I was at senior school that it dawned on me we were one of the few left following the tradition. But this realisation didn’t make me feel sorry for other families, it made me jealous. I was envious of the free time they had – Sunday roasts in our house can last anywhere up to two hours. This, for me during exam period, was an extreme amount of time spent on an activity that didn’t include revision. You have to understand I allocated one hour in the day for eating on a normal day during study leave so Sunday lunch time was a stressful experience for me – nerd! But on reflection I can see the time out probably did me the world of good!

Going off to uni I knew I’d miss being cooked for but I wasn’t prepared for how much I’d long for a good old roast at the end of the week! It was strange not sitting down for a meal with three others and talking about everything that had happened since the last time we all sat down together – I had to make do with my weekly phone calls from mum which weren’t the same. So on returning home, Sunday lunch was made a big deal of and I’d have first pick on what to eat – you know it’s a special occasion for you if you get to pick which meat to eat!

We’re one of those families that only has Yorkshire puddings with beef, so knowing my brother’s love for the northern treat we tucked into a beautiful piece of roast beef veg with all the trimmings for his final meal before we wish him a safe trip to China (more on that later!). It’s strange how a ritual has turned into the main focus of the week for all members of the family. It is something we all look forward to; good food, good conversation, and occasionally me singing a long to a musical or two!

Lauren x


One thought on “Sunday roast

  1. Because of working shifts, we often have Sunday Lunch on Thursday tea time etc! It’s lovely to all sit and eat around the table – especially when Yorkshire Puddings are on the table! xx


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