Charity Shops MIGHT be for me

Having earlier blogged about my unsuccessful trips to charity shops I was pleasantly surprised when we set aside a morning to look around the shops in Haverfordwest on holiday and found some real treasures. Starting off in a shop dedicated to raising money for a local charity the tone for the day was set as I quickly found three pairs of heels that fitted perfectly and were only £5 each! The soles had little or no marks on them and were from well-known high-street shops (Next, Dorothy Perkins and M&S). Now for a start, any woman with wide feet will know the agony of trudging around shops to find high heels that fit your feet properly, so the fact that I got three pairs to fit  in under 5 minutes was a minor miracle in my world. And then the price – well you can’t go wrong with a fiver!



Following my shoe frenzy I picked up a top for 99p, several DVDs at £2 each, a jug perfect for Pims at only 99p, along with numerous other bits and bobs that I was looking for for when I start back at uni – perfect! So I’ve come to a rather reasonable conclusion – in my opinion anyway – it’s not that the charity shops in Wales are any cheaper than those at home, it’s that the independent shops that only have one store to support are grateful for any money the receive from the general public and as a result lower the prices of their items to what I see as more reasonable. With this discovered I look forward to what other hidden treasures I can stumble in the future.

And for people out there who think women have way too many shoes (my dad!!), I leave you with the wonderful words of Marilyn Monroe:

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”

Lauren x

2 thoughts on “Charity Shops MIGHT be for me

  1. I am a huge Charity Shop fan – they are little treasure troves and you never know what you might find. I think you are right about the small independent charities being better. Smaller towns seem to have better ones too. Those shoes are a bargain and when you are fed up with them, I bet you could sell them on ebay for the same price! xxxx


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