Diary keeping

I’ve never been the kind of person who keeps a diary; my life didn’t seem interesting enough and stories of school weren’t the kind of thing I wanted to leave myself to read ten years in the future. However, when I visited Peru in 2012 I realised the memories I made there were too important not to record, and I’m really glad I did because two years on and I can’t remember lots of things that happened. With that in mind, I decided to keep one when I went on my adventure this year.

So with a suitable notebook purchased I left for my holiday with an optimism that didn’t last very long and on returning home I was five days behind. Almost two weeks down the line and I still have five days left to write. Granted, this trip wasn’t quite as exciting as the one to Peru which meant I definitely didn’t have as much to write, but maybe I’m just not made for diary keeping, I’d much rather be out doing something else. To be honest, I was probably just looking for a reason to buy a new book.

Travel diary

Lauren x

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