Some me time

After spending almost three weeks in the pocket of my friend travelling around Europe followed by practically living with the other half for a week left me craving some me time. The guys in my life don’t seem to understand this concept so I’m hoping to receive some reassurance from my female friends that I’m not the only one who once in a while wants nothing more than to be alone.

As antisocial as that sounds I’m one of those people who loves watching a film with a bar of chocolate on a Sunday night on their own. It might stem from my need to do well academically which led to me working alone whenever possible at school, and growing up with a brother who doesn’t necessarily enjoy a chick flick meaning I have grown up being able to entertain myself, but whatever it is it means I’m usually good on my own. Whilst I have enjoyed all the time spent surrounded by people this month last night I decided that enough was enough and being alone occasionally has its benefits. For one, I need a good pamper – paint my nails, pluck my eyebrows and shave my legs – and a good bath is long overdue, just in time for the Great British Bake off – which I’m VERY excited about!

Oh and I managed to finish my cross-stitch – finally!

With this in mind, I did, however, find myself longing for my brother to return, if only to have a buddy to complete my Harry Potter movie marathon with. So moving forward I am going to schedule in enough ‘me time’ to truly enjoy the times spent with others.

Lauren x

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