Doorstep treaures

Everyone spends the year planning and looking forward to their ‘summer’ holiday but every year they spend the last couple of days on the said holiday them forward to sleeping in their own bed. So why do we repeat this ritual every year? Everyone needs a break from work, and with paid holidays why wouldn’t you take the time off, but people these days seem incapable of doing this without having holidays booked or days out planned before asking for time off. Whilst I love a holiday as much as the next person and often crave foreign trips I believe relaxation CAN happen at home.

With my brother and I both out of the country my parents took a week off work. Now they did spend much of this time sorting out the piles of ‘stuff’ we’ve hoarded and stored in the loft, but the times they did leave the house were unplanned, spontaneous and great fun. They visited stately homes and sites in the local area they had never gotten round to visiting before and have found activities that will be great nights out throughout the rest of the year, such as a candle-lit carol service in reconstructed trenches in memory of World War I.

I myself went on a local adventure; granted it wasn’t local to me but my boyfriend, but we still had a great time. A 15-minute car journey to Cannon Hall Farm (which was dominated by young families!) resulted in an exciting morning looking at the animals, a walk around some lovely grounds, and a very wet adventure in a Maize Maze – definitely recommended! – topped off with lunch and home-made cakes in the cafe. Perfect and right on our (his) doorstep.

First time holding a birdWe finished the Maize Maze!




Who doesn't love pigs?


So as the days start to get shorter, the weather gets that little bit cooler and you start to long for an adventure that takes you far away from home and the worries of work consider exploring that local fate, or the safari park you haven’t been to since you were a kid – you might surprise yourself about how much fun you can have.

Lauren x

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