The little things in life

Whilst travelling you come to realise just how valuable a kitchen is and you begin to think you’ll never leave yours when you return home. When cooking meals in your own kitchen you only see the preperation time and washing up but this compared to the price of meals out whilst travelling is nothing! We have definitely learned to only book hostels with a kitchen (or kitchen-like facilities) in future – something to bear in mind!

With ‘home-cooked meals’ mainly consisting of a pack of pasta,a jar of sauce and a pepper (to add some veg to the diet!) the little home comforts are the things that are missed the most,so it’s important to treat yourself now and then. It may be a magnet of a famous monument, a photograph with a guy dressed as a roman gladiator, or (in our case) something sweet to eat. Today, in Italy,the ice cream capital of the world,we found a palour that had over 150 flavours! To say I was a excited is an understatement and I’ve included the picture below as evidence.
Chocolate orange and meringue!

We also found a Lint shop where we spent €10 just on chocolate for presents!

Chocolate balls

Throw in the free pizza we get every night from our hostel (plus the free breakfast) and its safe to say we’ve had a really good day all in all. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Lauren x

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