As I travel from city to city one thing stays the same; the displays of wealth. On some occassions I am overwhelmed by the impressiveness of the collection, such as the dinning set below (which was one of many), but I am left wondering who needs so many knives and forks!

silver service

cutlery should be for life...

I do have issues with the churches, however. As places of worship I feel they should be humble and inviting but some of them I have seen on the trip have not felt that way at all. While I enjoy a stained glass window and a painted ceiling as much as the next person, you can only see so many before it gets repetitive. And yet, I’ve paid on average €2 to enter every church I’ve stumbled across! Maybe it’s their beauty and my christian upbringing, but I think it has more to do with my Catholic travel buddy!

Nevertheless, a bit of granduer never hurt anyone – except maybe Henry VIII – and I must admit,the Panthion (Rome) was spectacular.

The Panthion


Lauren x

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