Safe as houses

Whilst walking up the most beautiful cathedral in Berlin (Berliner Dom) yesterday to get to the top of the dome my friend and I realised just how far up we were walking and began to question how safe it was. My reply? It’s fine, churches are built to last – just look at St Pauls, that was bombed and it’s still standing! That offered little comfort however, but it got me thinking about the saying ‘safe as houses’.

As we travel from hostel to hostel we are greatful for lockers that we can fit are whole rucksack in and I find myself cuddling my bumbag as I fall asleep, so these ‘houses’ aren’t initially as safe as you might think. But then you meet the people you’re sharing the room with and get chatting about where they’ve been and where they’re headding and you realise they’re in exactly the same position as you and they have no need to steal dirty underwear and a camera with someone else’s photos on.

With that in mind, we dont really need to lock away our bags that hold nothing but clothes, toilettries and shoes. Having said that, i’d never leave valuables lying around because you don’t know who will go into your dorm. But I think I started the trip too paranoid about losing things – if they’re that valuable you shouldn’t take them travelling with you. 

Hello to everyone I’ve left back home, i’m having a great time!

Lauren x

P.S photos of said cathedral will followe at some point (possibly only when I get home)


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