Sibling rivalry

As my brother is packed off to a UCAS event with £5 to pay for the train I wonder if I was given the same. Now I know I wasn’t but that was only because I didn’t go to the same event two years ago because I wasn’t in the country but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had my fair share of hand outs over the years.

Coming home from uni to see my brother with his pocket-money makes me VERY jealous until I remember how much my mum gives me a month just so I can survive away from home (Student Finance is a bitch and hardly gives me any money!). And then I think back to my time at home and how jealous my brother must have been of me. I’m the first-born and without been spoilt I got, and continue to get, way more than my brother ever does on the wardrobe front. My mum and I embark on bit shopping trips about 2/3 times a year and spend probably more than we can afford. My brother has started to get more though as he too becomes a beautiful butterfly as he sheds his puppy fat (through hard work, I might add) and discovers fashion but I would bet he’s never going to catch up to me.

Christmas is an example of one time where there is no competition. My mum works hard all year to ensure that both of us have a similar budget; even if one pile looks like it has more they cost basically the same thing. This must be really difficult, especially since we don’t write Christmas lists as such anymore – I voice my wants and my brother is the quiet one meaning it’s probably a hell of a lot easier to buy for me than it is for him.

But with jealousy in mind it’s worth thinking about how much my parents have actually spent on me over the years, especially when I was getting pocket-money AND shopping trips AND money for travel and food – it all mounts up. Maybe we should thank our parents more, or spend that little bit more on Christmas presents, which can be hard when you have no money of your own (!!), but there’s always a way – you know when you were little and parents thought home-made gifts were cute? I think that could still work.

Lauren x

One thought on “Sibling rivalry

  1. Blimey, if parents totted up how much they spent on their kids they would realise that they might have been millionaires without ’em! haha. I don’t think you need to buy more expensive gifts for Christmas, just be kind to them in their old age!! I can vouch that girls are a lot more expensive than boys! x


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