Charity shops aren’t for me

Growing up I was always jealous of my friend’s fashion sense. Being, how shall I put it, slightly ‘chunkier’ than the other girls my age I never really worried about what I was wearing, simply sticking to items that covered me up and believing comfort was more important than style. But all of that didn’t mean I couldn’t appreciate how others looked. And to top off my jealously my friend got almost all of her clothes for half the price of my jogging bottoms because her and her mum shopped in charity shops.

When I finally grew up, began to shed my puppy fat and discovered fashion my budget for clothes was practically non-existent as of my £5-a-week pocket-money only went so far. So with my friend in mind I hit the charity shops with a smile on my face as I dreamed about how many outfits I could buy with a month’s worth of saved money. However when I arrived the fashionable clothes my friend sported were nowhere to be seen. A little defeated but still hopeful I decided to hunt through the shelves in search of hidden gems – no such luck, except for over-priced one-offs. Well to say I was disappointed was an understatement and I left empty-handed. I probably went on to spend my pocket-money at the cinema or on a concert ticket and begged my mum to take me shopping instead.

This memory was bought back after a recent trip to London where I found the charity shops there did have the kind of items I was looking for – something in fashion – but because they were a little more expensive than I would have liked nothing was bought; fashionable items but still too expensive. I thought it was weird that these shops were different to mine at home until I remembered it’s only old people who drop stuff off around me. Despite this I still popped in earlier – I’m looking for a bumbag (or fanny pack, as my friend calls it) and thought this would be the best place to find one – and wasn’t surprised to find lots of items suitable for my Nan. I didn’t find a bumbag either.

When did charity shops get so expensive? I’d rather buy full-priced new clothes for a couple of pounds more than the funny-smelling hand-me-downs.

Rant over for now.

Lauren x

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